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What Is The GM Diet Plan? Complete Guide For Beginners

With the ease of technology and easily available fast food restaurants made it worse for individuals resulted in poor life style. Gaining few pounds is not a big problem but continuing the same behavior will accumulate all these small amounts which result in considerable amount of bad fat within your body.

If you are reading this article that means that you are cautious about your food intake and have a positive approach of changing your diet. GM diet is a diet plan for individuals who are looking out to reduce weight in considerable amount of time.

General Motors 7 Days Diet Plan

GM Diet 7 Day Plan - Beginners Guide

General motors diet is strict 7 day routine where one has to abide with all the conditions to see and experience optimum results.  General motors diet or popularly known as GM diet is designed for General Motors employees where they had enough information for individuals who were interested to shred few extra pounds.

Remarkably, this program has become popular across the globe.

GM diet guidelines are fragmented into daily meal plans for one week. This plan has been structured and developed to provide fabulous results in terms of weight loss. This plan will help you to eat healthy and helps you to enjoy your food.

GM Diet 7 Day Plan

GM Diet Plan Day 1:

Which is more often called as Preparation day or adjustment day where you consume only fruits and water.

Following these simple principles will help you adjust with this plan on first day:
  • You can consume any type of fruit, except banana 
  • Consuming at least 8-10 glasses of water is mandatory
  • Avoid fruit juices and oil
  • Seasoning shouldn’t be use, strict no

GM Diet Plan Day 1 Only Fruits

GM Diet Plan Day 2:

Day 2 is considered to be the hardest of all, your entire day meal portions should only contain vegetables. Following tips below will definitely help you to overcome this hurdle.
  • You can eat any vegetables and greens. They can be consumed either raw, cooked or baked.
  • Consume ample amount of water which helps in detoxification. 
  • Oil intake should be monitored and should be restricted to very minimal quantity.
  • Baked vegetables, like baked potatoes make your meals crispy and interesting

GM Diet Plan Day 2 Only Vegetables

GM Diet Plan Day 3:

Day 3 is the time where your meals can be tweaked and mixed to make it interesting. You should consume any fresh fruits and vegetables in your meal portions.
  • Drinking a lot of water is primary key and helps in detoxification
  • Combination of fresh fruits and vegetables will help fill your meal completely
  • Avoid eating bananas and oil consumption. 
  • Fruits juices are strict no throughout the process
GM Diet Day 4 Plan - Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

GM Diet Plan Day 4:

Day 4 is the time where you have to consume milk and lot of bananas in your meals. Also include special GM soup into your day meal portions
  • You should eat 8-10 bananas
  • Drinking at least 3-4 glasses of milk
  • Drink a lot of water to promote detoxification process
  • Avoid consuming oil and drinking fruit juice

GM Diet Plan Day 4 - Bananas And Soups

GM Diet Plan Day 5:

Day 5 is exciting as you will be experience change in the menu. Based on your food interests, if you are vegetarian you can consume brown rice. If you are meat lover then you can consume fish. Also, following these instructions will be beneficial:
  • By choice, you can eat brown rice or you can eat fish
  • You have to consume half a dozen tomatoes
  • Drink as much as water possible to boost detoxification
  • Avoid using oil and drinking fruit juice

GM Diet Plan Day 5 - Eat Brown Rice


GM Diet Plan Day 6:

Day 6 of the diet plan, you will be consuming the same items as you did on Day 5, following these rules:
  • You can consume unlimited amount of vegetables
  • By choice, you can eat brown rice or you can eat fish
  • Drinking a lot of water is key factor
  • Avoid oil and fruit juices 

GM Diet Plan Day 6 - Turmeric Fish

GM Diet Plan Day 7: 

Last day of diet plan, you can consume all three types of food source, i.e. fruits, vegetables, rice or meat.

Following these rules will help you fetch better results:
  • By choice, you can eat brown rice of you can eat fish
  • Combination of rice and vegetables
  • Drinking a lot of water is mandatory
  • Avoid oil consumption and utilization as much as possible
  • Drinking fruit juices are recommended

GM Diet Plan Day 7 - Fruit Juices

Following this strict diet plan and daily instructions will definitely fetch optimum results. You should be motivated throughout the diet plan which will help you not to lose your vision of being health.

Whom are you waiting for, it’s time for you to see change in yourself.
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