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Paleo Diet Plan Benefits And Disadvantages You Should Know

Paleo Diet is one popular diets that has a mass following of individuals, who are looking out to shred considerable amount of pounds from their bodies. It not only a weight loss diet plan but also teaches whole lot of different variations for an individual to eat healthy and natural food.

Paleo Diet Plan Benefits And Disadvantages

Once you get through what paleo diet is about and check out few recipes, you will end up having a better idea about the process and the outcome. It is also called as a Caveman diet, because this diet plan promotes eating most natural foods that mother earth has to offer and also strict no to processed food during the diet regime.

Unlike every other diet plan, paleo diet plan has benefits and also few drawbacks. For an individual it will be beneficial to understand the good and bad about diet plans is necessary because it will help them take appropriate decision.

Benefits of Paleo Diet:

Weight Loss:

Most of the modern day diets are planned and packed with heavy carbs and less fat. With paleo diet it is exactly opposite, it promotes eating food which has high fat content which in return helps you to burn more fat, thus resulting in considerable amount of weight loss.

Paleo Diet - High Fat Food

Unhealthy Food:

A strict no to processed food and also food items or meals which has sugar content are also restricted during this diet plan, thus resulting in eatingunhealthy food.

Paleo Diet - Avoid Unhealthy Food

Being healthy:

It is a known fact that health problems arises from an individual diet intake, while practicing and implementing paleo diet plan health risks are reduced because only naturally available food is consumed and processed food is avoided.

Customizable diet:

There is no specific limit on food intake while implementing this diet, ideal calorie intake should be between 2000 to 2500. Food intake can include anything that is naturally available also processed food and sugar based should be consumed.

Rich in nutrients:

Nuts are primary source of essential protein and essential omega 3 fatty acids also result in low carbohydrates.

Paleo Diet - Nutrients


This diet plan doesn’t restrict eating certain food like others, it only promotes eating healthy and naturally grown products. Thus temptation factors will be less compared to individuals who are following under strict diets.

Super Charged:

Eating healthy food and naturally available food helps you build good fat within your body and also boost stamina and resistance levels.

Disadvantages Of Paleo Diet:

High fat content:

Most of the meat consumed during this diet has high fat content, if this fat content is not monitored properly, individual might experience heart problems and probably gain weight.


Eating healthy and natural food comes with a high price tag and it might be difficult for everyone to afford and continue the diet plan


Most of our energy is based on burning carbs but this diet will promote generating energy by burning fat. Transition will take considerable amount of time and during the change, you might experience few lazy days.


This diet is not suitable for vegetarians because this diet plan revolves around consuming rich source of proteins. Meat is known as best source of protein so it suitable for only individuals who are into eating meat.

Lack of Carbs:

This diet plan is designed in such a way that the food consumed will have rich source of fat and very less carbs.

By following the diet plan carefully, watching your food intake and avoiding processed food will definitely help you achieve your desired shape and make you feel better and happy from inside. 
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