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25 Simple And Easy Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Are you interested in learning more about eye makeup? If you are a beginner then you would only know about kohl and eye liner. But there are lots to know about. When you do not make any mistake then you do not learn. So it is always better to make mistakes while you are at home and applying your eye make up for the first time. So that you do not make that mistake while you are getting ready for a party. Many beginners might not know what kind of an eye makeup to use or how to apply it properly on their eyes. So here are some simple eye makeup tips for beginners.

Simple Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Eye makeup tips for beginners

How To Apply Eye Liner Makeup Tips:

If you cannot get your eye liner straight then you cannot really proceed with your eye makeup. So here are some tips for getting your eye liner straight.

How To Apply Eye Liner
  • Your eye lids should be devoid of oil so that the eye liner can be applied easily. This is done so that the eye liner doesn’t smear on your eye lids.
  • You can keep your eyes wide open so that the liner can be applied more easily. Well this might be a bit tough for beginners but you will be doing this easily once you become an expert in this art of eye makeup. 
  • Now apply the liner near your lash line so that it looks very natural. 
  • With the help of a white pencil you can make your eyes look capacious. For that you have to apply this on your lower lids. After that you can use your black liner. 
  • When you need a smooth and moisturized eye then you can better go for a pencil eye liner. After applying it on your eyes you can smear it on your eyes to make you look more beautiful and natural. 
  • With the growing age woman might be in need of using liners more and more. I would suggest that you do not stop using it. Rather you might use colors like brown or grey which will go with your age. 
  • The under lashes should have more dark color than the upper lashes. 
  • If you want you can only use a liner along the top lash line. If you are using an eye liner along the bottom of your lashes then you will have to use it on the top of your lashes. 

How To Apply Mascara Makeup Tips:

Without a mascara your eye makeup is not complete. So here are a few more steps.

How To Apply Mascara
  •  You should start applying the mascara from the very stem of your lashes. In this way applying the mascara becomes much easier. 
  • Your lashes should not look bulky. To prevent that from happening you should apply your mascara very smoothly and properly. 
  • To make your mascara long lasting you should not tap on the stick while taking out the mascara. 
  • An eye lash curler helps to make your lashes elongated. This will make you look more beautiful. If you are using the curler after the application of the mascara then you must take into notice that the mascara on your eyes is partly wet and not arid. 
  • When you are using the mascara on your under lashes then you should put a tissue paper under your lashes so that your make up remains perfect. 
  • Practically you should throw your mascara after 6 months of its buying. 

Eye Shadow Makeup Tips:

Eye Shadow Makeup Tips
  • First of all you should apply some primer so as to last your shadow on your eyes for a longer period of time. After that you have to apply the color of your choice. After that you can use any other color and mix it properly. This mixing of colors is a very critical process especially for beginners.
  • If you want a gorgeous look then you can get hold of some better quality brushes so that you can mix the colors properly to get your desired look. Different brushes serve different purpose.
  • To make your eye shadow really look good you should use a white pencil on your upper lids.
  • If you are fond of making smoky eyes then you should better use a moisturized and smooth eye pencil so that your shadows stay for a longer period of time.
  • If you want some expert advice then you can ask your make up stylist. He or she will predict you better and can also suggest you some quality make ups and style that will suit you.
A few more advises to make you look exceptionally beautiful.

Eye makeup tips
  • Use a tissue underneath your eyes so that your make up stays undisturbed. While you are applying your eye make up your face make up stays as it is.
  • Finish all your face make up and then look forward for your eyes.
  • While you make your eyes stand out then you have to use some matt color on your lips and cheeks. In this way both compliments each other.
  • The interior of your eyes should have a very light color shadow so that your eyes glow.
  • Make your eye brows with the help of an eye brow pencil.

Eye Makeup And Beauty Tips

These ideas will be rather helpful to a beginner.
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