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Benefits Of Green Tea For Health - Weight Loss Using Green Tea

I am sure most of you might be thinking about Anushka Sharma or Kareena Kapoor who were advertising green tea, whether they consume green tea or not but definitely consuming green tea will help you get into good shape and look healthy like they do. Past few years a lot of demand has observed for green tea. One of the reason is growing health consciousness within individuals might be one of the reason.

Lose Weight with Green Tea

Green Tea For Weight Loss

A well-known fact has been put out in consumer mind saying green tea is one of the key ingredient for weight loss. Well we are not denying the fact, it does help you to reduce your weight in due course of time, it is not an immediate effect but it will help you reduce the extra fat deposits.

Especially in India, majority of people tend to drink tea or consume another beverage several times a day. Each cup contains at least one table spoon of sugar and milk. Consuming 5 to 6 cups of tea will end up having 6 table spoons of sugar. Following the same routine will definitely fetch ample amount of sugar which leads to sugar level disorders and possibility of having diabetes.

How To Lose Weight Using Green Tea

Green tea is a good alternative for individuals who are used to drink traditional tea. Green tea is a perfect beverage because it doesn’t have any sugar content to it and if required one can add drop of honey to the drink. Thus avoiding extra sugar intake on daily basis will help you not to gain extra few pounds and also tension free of being positive for diabetic.

Green tea has good number of anti-oxidants that are essential for your body. They help you to flush out unwanted toxins in your body, keeping you fresh and energetic. Drinking green tea does well to your body, it doesn’t mean that drinking a pot full of green tea will do even better.

Remember too much of anything is not good for your body, so please take precautions and having 2 to three cups of green tea is advisable and consuming after your meal is the perfect time.

Benefits Of Green Tea

Benefits Of Green Tea For Health

Packed With Anti-Oxidants:

  • Drinking green tea is definitely recommended, it will reduce your risk of having cancer. Cancer is caused due to uncontrolled cellular growth. 

Fat Loss:

  • Helps in reducing fat deposits and flushes out unwanted fat through human excreta process. 
  • Aids in fat burning process and mainly concentrates on abdominal area. 
  • Helps in increasing metabolism, which in turn helps in maintaining good healthy fat within the body. 

Kills Bacteria:

  • Drinking green tea will definitely help you maintain good oral health. It kills bacteria within your dental area and helps you maintain good dental health and also lowers risk of getting any infections. 
  • If you are one among several individuals who feel bad about having bad breath coming out of from your mouth, then green tea is definitely a natural cure where you will be able to observe the change


  • Green tea is packed with full of anti-oxidants which help you drain out unnecessary toxins in your body, keeps you feel fresh and healthy.

If you are looking out for a place to buy green tea then most of the shopping malls are flooded with different options. Please choose your drink which has pure green tea content and advise it to take it without mixing sugar. If you feel that’s hard then start having green tea by adding a drop of honey, at least that’s a start.

It’s never late for starting a good habit, consuming green tea every day will help you reduce weight and help you increase your metabolism. So think about making green tea as your regular part of your life.

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