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How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly: Lip Makeup Tips For Beginners?

Beginners may be a little frightened to apply lipsticks properly. If you are a beginner then you may think that your color will spread and that you won’t have the best lip color in the event. If you are a beginner then here are some tips for you so that you look pretty in the party.

How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly - Lip Makeup Tips 

How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly - Lip Makeup Tips

1. How to prepare your lips before applying any kind of lipstick?

  • If you have chapped lips then you have to apply some lip balm before you use your lip color. If your lips are chapped and dry then there’s nothing worse than this. You will look really bad with chapped lips. So better take good care of your beautiful lips.
  • The balm is used in order to make your lips look smoother and flawless. 

How to prepare your lips before applying of lipstick

2. Choose the type of lipstick?

  • You should select your lip color very carefully. Lip colors are available in different types. From glossy to nude finish. There are lip colors of various types. 
  • You may think that matte lipstick doesn’t suit you. But you may be wrong. Instead of the glossy ones the matte ones may look good on you. 
  • There are advantages as well as many disadvantages of the different types of lipstick. 
Choose the type of lipstick

3. Apply A Lip Liner

  • Many woman might not prefer a liner. Whereas others may prefer it. Some are of the view that liners does not suit them. Others are of the view that liners helps to make their lips stand out. 
  • There is nothing wrong if you try a liner out. Liners help last your lipstick all day long. 

Apply Lip Liner Perfectly

4. Color Your Lips

  • After you have chosen your lip color and your lip liner you have to fill in your lips with the colors.
  • Many woman prefers to apply their lipstick from the tubes. But it is advisable to have a brush so that the lip color can be applied very smoothly. 
Color Your Lips

5. Use A Tissue Paper

  • This is an age old concept that tissue papers helps to last your lip color.
  • After the application of the lipstick take a tissue paper and put it on your lips. 
  • Never put the tissue paper in between your lips or press too hard on your lips. This will cause the lip color to come out. And you would have to apply the lipstick once again. 
Use A Tissue Paper
6. Highlight Your Lips
  • Now we are almost done on our tutorial on applying lipstick for beginners. At the end you have to apply the highlighter or a white pencil or a concealer on your cupids bow. This defines your lips and face. 
  • This really makes your lip look a bit glossy but it makes your lip look complete and beautiful.

7. Never Rub Your Lips Together 
  • Never rub your lips after the application of your lip color.
  • Most woman rubs their lips together after the application of their lip color. Well this is completely wrong. You would want to blend your lip color. But this is not the way. 
  • The best way to blend your lip color is to keep a brush in hand or you can also use your lipstick tube to get the blending done for you. 
  • In this way you will get the desirable lip. This is how you can have the best lips and you can get ready for any event just by following a few simple steps. 

Tricks you should keep in mind before applying the best lip color
  • Powder should be used to make the lip color last longer. The powder should be taken into a tissue paper. 
  • If you have used a lip stick of a particular color then use the blush of the same color. This also helps to make your lip color look matte. 
  • You have to use your foundation powder on your lips if you want the exact color of your lipstick. 
Follow The Few Basic Steps

These are the best tips that a beginner can use to have the best look. By following these basic steps any new comer can come into the world of makeup and can get the look as if it has been done by a makeup artist. The ways are very simple. You just need to have a few simple things which you need in your day to day life.

Choose The Best Color

Colors of a lip stick has to be chosen depending upon the skin tone of yours. For that you can ask your make up stylist so that he can help you out in the selection of your lipstick. You can even ask him which brand to choose and which color will suit you best. There are many types of lipstick that are available in the market. You can choose the one which you like.

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