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25 Amazing Lip Makeup Tips & Tutorials To Apply Lipstick Like A Pro

There are many ways by which you can make your lips look beautiful. Lips are the most beautiful part of a woman’s body. If you can apply your lip color properly then you will be the prettiest lady in the event you visit. Here are the 25 ways in which you can color your lips like a professional. 

25 Amazing Lip Makeup Tips & Tutorials

25 Amazing Lip Makeup Tips

1. To make the color last for a longer period of time

  • Fill in your lips with a color.
  • After that soak the color of your lips with a blotting paper. The color should not fade out completely.
  • With the help of a brush apply some powder on your lips.
  • Then re-apply the lipstick. Now you are complete. Your lips stick will last you for a longer period of time. 


2. Darkening your lipstick

  • With the help of a lip pencil which is dark color the outer part of your lips. 
  • After the outer part is colored you can apply some lighter shade inside your lips. This will make your lips look gorgeous and sexy. 
Darkening your lipstick

3. Creating a 3D effect on your lips

  • Prepare your lips by polishing it.
  • Then apply a nude lip pencil at the outer linings of your lips. 
  • After that with the help of a brush apply some dull lipstick.
  • Rub the excess lipstick from your lips with the help of a tissue paper. 
  • Then use some glossy color at the bottom rose petals. 
  • Again use the lipstick to mix the gloss well.
  • You get your 3D effect now. 

Creating a 3D effect on your lips
4. To get complete lips

Any woman may have thin and small lips. To make their lips complete they can follow the steps listed in the following diagram.

Thin and small lips

5. To make your lips grandly red in color
  • Firstly put some lip balm on your lips to make it look glossy.
  • Then outline your lips with a red liner.
  • Wipe the excess color with the help of an ear bud.
  • Color your lips with the help of the pencil which is red in color. 
  • Apply some powder in the surrounding areas of your lips.

Grandly red color lips

6. Get a double tone on your lips
  • With the help of a pink lipstick outline the outer area of your lips. That is the lining of your lips. 
  • Secondly fill in the middle portion of your lips to get the double tone. 

Pink Lipstick outline

7. Make your lips look aesthetic

You may not like bold and vibrant colors on your lips every day. Sometimes you would like to go out with natural lips. For that you have to follow the few simple steps that are shown in the following diagram.

Make your lips look aesthetic

8. Sloping lips

  • You need to have lips which is chapped or rather effortless.
  • After that you should apply some naked lip color. 
  • Take some amount of lip tint and apply it on the inner corners of your lips. After it is applied use some cotton to smoothen your lips.
  • Then apply some liquid gloss which should be invisible. 
Sloping lips

9. Make your lips look muted

  • After the lipstick has been applied use some powder blush of the same color to get a muted look. 


10. Want lips like devils?

Are you dressing up for a Halloween party? And you are a dressing up like a devil in the party. Then you will need this tutorial of applying lip stick. The following diagram will explain everything to you.
Devils Lips

11. To get naked Lips
  • Firstly apply a lip balm.
  • Use a lip pencil on your lips that has a color which is very much close to your lip color. The lip balm does not let your lips dry. Fill your entire lips with the help of the lip pencil. 
  • The result can be seen in the following diagram. 
Naked Lips

12. Lips like that of a cupids bow

In the following diagram you will see how the following tutorial is done.

Cupids bow lips

13. Having lips like that of a cartoon

In the following diagram you will see how a cartoon make up is done.
Cartoon Lips

14. Shimmery lips

After using a transparent lip gloss you can use some shimmers to have a party look.

Glitter Lips

15. To make your lips shiny

After the application of your lipstick you can apply a shimmery lip gloss to make your lips glazy.

Make your lips shiny

16. Lipsticks can be also used as blush. When you are not having a particular color of a blush and you want to have your skin flushed then you can apply your lipstick in place of a blusher.

17. As you grow aged you should use dark colored lipsticks.

18. Always use a lip liner before you apply your lipstick.

19. Use a cotton or a tissue paper after the application of the lip color on your lips so as to remove the spread out color.

20. You should always use a light liner and a deep colored shade of lipstick.

21. Never use a lipstick of another person. In a store you can apply it on your hand so as to understand the color.

22. Never throw a lipstick. You can use it for blending.

23. Never throw away a disputed lipstick. It can be repaired.

24. Apply your lip color properly so that it doesn’t go into your mouth.

25. If you have yellow teeth then your lip color should be bluish.

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