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11 Delicious Protein Rich Foods For Healthy Lifestyle

Adapting healthy foods which are rich in protein values is necessary for you to maintain a balance diet where necessary proteins and nutrients are provided to the body. Proteins are considered as a main source which helps in building muscles and immune system. In order to carry day to day activities without any difficulties and maintaining energy levels throughout the day, protein intake is necessary. For average weighed men, 56 grams of protein should be consume. Alternatively, for women it is about 46 grams of protein.

Delicious Protein Rich Healthy Food

Protein sources can be varied based on the food consumption, protein content varies from item to item. If you are vegetarian these sources will be definitely helpful for you to achieve your daily protein consumption.

Egg - A Protein Rich Food:


Eggs are packed with high content of protein with considerable less amount of fat. Eggs can be consumed in different formats based on the cooking style, but it is usually preferred for breakfast. Eggs can be consumed like omelets, scrambled egg, half boiled, full boiled etc.

Protein Content: 6grams/egg

Cottage Cheese With Protein Value:

Cottage Cheese With Protein Values

Cottage cheese is rich in calcium which in turn helps you to maintain and make your bones stronger. Fat content within cottage cheese varies and these variations are easily available within your local store. These can be consumed with baked vegetables.

Protein content: 12g / ½ cup

Pumpkin Seeds With Protein Content:

Pumpkin Seeds Protein Rich Food

Pumpkin seeds are also called as pepitas. They are rich in proteins and goes well with soups as toppings. These seeds can be roasted and consumed just like that as a snack item. These are easily available across all the places.

Protein Content: 7 g/ 1oz

Legumes For Digestive System:

Legumes High Protein Rich Food

Legumes are primarily cultivated for their food grains. Wide variety of beans are cultivated and are utilized in different cuisine. Black beans, kidney beans, peanuts, chickpeas etc.

They are rich in protein, 12 g/ 1 cup

Low in fat

Provide good fiber to the body, aids in maintain digestive system

Soya Milk With Protein Values:

Soya Milk Protein Rich Food

Soya milk is readily available out in the market with additional nutritional values added into the drink. They are best source for calcium. These drinks are available in different flavors making it real good for kids to drink.

Protein Content: 8g/1 cup

Almonds For Healthy Heart:

Almonds For Healthy Heart

Consuming almonds will provide enough proteins for the day and also provide necessary omega 3 fatty acids. Sliced almonds are utilized in different salads and mainly used as ice cream toppings. Consuming almonds will help in reduced heart related diseases.

Protein Content: 6g /1oz

Dry Fruits For Controlling Cholesterol:

Dry Fruits Protein Rich Food

Nuts are best source of mono-saturated fats which help in reducing bad cholesterol within your body. Including dry fruits in your diet will help you get necessary protein and fiber. Protein content varies from type of dry fruits consumed.

On an average, protein content: 8g/1oz

Greek Yogurt Protein Content:

Greek Yogurt Protein Rich Food

Greek yogurt is very similar to that of normal yogurt but it tastes little sour. It is thicker to the normal yogurt and has double the protein values. They can be consumed directly or can be mixed with fruits and make it as salad.

Protein content: 15g /6oz container

Peanut Butter With Protein Values:

Peanut Butter With Protein Values

Unlike traditional butter which has high fat content, peanut butter has protein values associated and also available in low fat.

Protein content: 8g / 2tbsp serving

Tofu Best Protein Food:

Tofu Best Protein Food

Tofu is rich in protein and it is out of dairy products, they can be served and consumed in different variants: stir fry, grilled, cooked.

Protein content: 12g /3 oz serving

Consuming these items on regular basis and maintaining good amount of protein intake will help you have balanced diet and feel energetic throughout the day. One has to remember that regular protein intake should be subsidized with adequate amount of physical exercise.
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