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Beginner’s Guide For Aerobic Exercise And Its Fitness Benefits

Thanks to all the advanced technology that we notice these days that allows you to do almost all the outdoor activities from the comfort of your own home, people tend to get lazy enough with these works being handled just through your Smartphone. With the works being carried out at ease, we need to understand that the potential risk that we may run into – if we choose to lead a similar lifestyle. So, what if, if I tell you that there is a very interesting way to breakthrough this – would you be giving it a thought on a personal note?

Aerobic Exercise And Its Fitness Benefits

Aerobic Dance Exercise For Body Fitness

Most of you would’ve already got what I was intending to say, EXERCISE! – But let’s put a fun way of doing it, let’s do AEROBICS!

To begin with, Aerobics is one of the best routine to start your day and also towards good health and healthy lifestyle that boosts your metabolism. The word aerobics portrays “more oxygen”, i.e. any physical movements or strenuous exercises where your body tends to utilize more oxygen to pump in blood is called aerobics and exercise which aids the above process is called aerobic exercise.

For example: running, swimming, dancing etc.

Aerobic Dancing Exercises

Aerobic Dancing

Did you choose right?

To start with this wonderful regime, you need to choose the right aerobic exercise program. Firstly there needs to be a complete understanding of yourself and your physique, based on which you might consider thinking about needs of your body. Having said that, don’t forget to think about the kind of exercise that you would love to do. Considering a situation where you have a weak back, you might opt for swimming rather than jogging, just so that you don’t hurt your back too much and make exercising painful that you tend to abandon it.

Stay Fit With Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Dance Exercise

Now with the right choice made, the second most important to remember is the fact that aerobic fitness depends upon putting your heart rate thumping strong. For this to be done, you need to work your body for at least 20 minutes at a stretch. So keep working on your favorite regime on a daily basis to ensure that you are doing it, for almost the required time and in a single bout. Simplest way to check that you are at it is to check your heart beat (pulse) randomly during your workout.

Make the most out of it! 

Even before you think about making the most of your fitness regime, you need to keep yourself assured that you don’t get your mind deviate from your fitness goal. Try to warm-up a little before you start your strenuous routine. Don’t stop until you’ve swum the 30 laps, or danced for the complete 20minutes or even jogged the tough stretch that you always look at. Keep checking your pulse rates to ensure that you’ve hit the ecstasy through your routine.

When you’re done with the strenuous routine, don’t fall flat down on the grass or on your mat right away but give yourself 8-10 minutes of time to cool yourself down by stretching or moving a little. Once you are back to normal, (that is, when your pulse hits the normal 100) then you can treat yourself with a Gatorade or even might think of hitting the shower.

Post Workout Stretching Routine


Keep yourself always motivated to your final fitness goal and never talk yourself out of it, nor do something that will find you sick or even hurt. Try and enjoy what you do for your own fitness and further to your own health.

That’s all to it!

Aerobics Exercises

Aerobics will definitely not make you feel like Shilpa Shetty (if you are an inspired woman willing to take up aerobics as a fitness regime/routine), but it will definitely give you the confidence of feeling younger at heart and stronger/fit as a person.

Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise:

  • Aerobic exercises results in lot of sweat, which helps in detoxification
  • Helps you build both strength and endurance
  • It is one of the viable means to release emotional tension
  • Fat deposits are reduced due to intense workouts, which results in weight loss
  • Resistance / Immune system is developed
  • Respiratory system works well , extreme breathing is involved
  • Muscles are toned and developed
  • Increase in metabolism

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