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What Is The Paleo Diet? Complete Guide For Beginners

Ever wonder why diet plans have crazy and interesting names assigned to. Is it to create interest for the targeted audience? Is it always the same? Well we will get back to this topic later but first thing first, what is paleo diet? Is it suitable for everyone? 

Paleo Diet Tips For Beginners

Paleo Diet For Beginners

Well I am sure you might have come across a lot more questions when you have heard this diet plan, whether it is first time you are hearing about this diet plan? Don’t worry we’ve put together all about paleo diet for your convenience. This guide will help you understand about paleo diet but this has been a prime topic for most of the authors and their publishing might help you get more detailed information.

Paleo Diet Plan And Workouts

Well, coming to the point: Paleo diet is about eating all natural foods that Mother Nature has to offer us and also preaches to avoid processed food. It is also called as a Caveman diet plan, this diet plan promotes the ancient way of eating where processed food were not available and also almost food available was organic food , i.e. from animal meat, nuts and fruits etc. 

Paleo Diet Plan - Coveman Diet Plan

Few points which help you understand what you should do and shouldn’t do during this diet plan regime:
  • As said, paleo diet promotes eating high fat content, i.e. animal meat. Animal meat is rich source of fat and it has low to moderate level of carbs.

Paleo Diet Plan - Animal Meat

  • Consuming all sort of nuts is encouraged as rich source of anti-oxidants and omega 3 fatty acids are accumulated in the diet which helps body to rejuvenate. 
  • Consuming fresh vegetables is also encourage because it will help in providing good carbs to your body.
  • Fruits which have high sugar content should be avoided and fruits which have high anti-oxidant levels should be consumed during the diet, i.e. berries. This will cleansing digestive system and improves the metabolism.

Paleo Diet Plan - Consume Fruits
  • Processed foods are strictly no go during this diet plan. 
  • Sugar intake is not at all advised. 

Stress Free Life: 

Maintaining stress free life is the key factor while undergoing this diet regime. With reduce stress levels, hormones responsible for weight gain are also produced at very low, resulting in balance diet and helps you to maintain your shape. 

Paleo Diet Plan - Stress Free Life

Burning Fat Vs Burning Carbs:

Paleo diet promotes eating high fat content food items and also focuses on burning fat, which in turn produces energy that helps you to accomplish your day to day activities. During course of time your body will adjust to the new process and helps your metabolism to burn fat deposits to generate energy. 

 This might take time to get in place but it is effective and traditional way how our body is designed to, but with help of processed food and change in life styles our metabolism has been adjusted to burn carbs rather than fats.

Paleo Diet Plan - Burning Fat

To help you start with paleo diet and eat health we have made up a small list of food items that can be consumed and few to be avoid

Included in Paleo Diet

Excluded in Paleo Diet

Grass Produced Meat *
Cereal grains , i.e. corn, oats, barley etc.
Legumes* , i.e. beans etc.
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Dairy products
Refined sugar*
All sort of nuts
Processed foods
Oils ( olive oil, walnut oil, coconut)

Refined vegetable oils

Paleo Diet Plan - Cut Down Your Food


Legumes are primary cultivated agriculturally for their food grain seeds, for example: peanuts, beans, peas and lentils.

Grass Produced Meat:

Grass fed animal meat should be considered, meat obtained from animals where their primary source of food was green grass.

Refined Sugar:

Granulated sugar is best example for refined sugar

If one can maintain the food intake and start taking natural food for considerable amount of time would definitely recognize the efforts that are put in. One must not forget the importance of regular exercise during the diet regime. It will add as a catalyst and aids the process which in turns helps you to achieve the desired shape and helps to reduce weight.

Quick Tip:

If you are following a diet plan, make sure you have the same level of motivation and interest throughout the diet period rather than discontinuing in between.

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