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How To Do Eye Makeup At Home? Complete Beginners Guide

Most woman are afraid to use an eye makeup. They are of the view that eye make ups if not applied properly will make them look horrible. But the case is not so. Even if you are a beginner you can apply your eye makeup very nicely at home. You just need to be patient and attentive enough to apply your eye makeup. Just follow a few basic steps and you get your work done in ten minutes. Eyes are the best part of a woman’s eyes. So to make that glow you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

Steps Followed For Applying Eye Makeup At Home

Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

  • Concealer Makeup Tips For Beginners: 

Concealer Makeup Tips

Concealer is a cream which hides all your dark circles under your eyes and also makes your eye makeup perfect. After cleaning your eyes you should immediately apply your concealer gently under your eyes to hide any dark circles if it is there. The concealer should match your skin color or else you won’t look good. The concealer should be applied with the help of a concealer brush so as to blend it properly.

  • Primer Makeup Tips For Beginners: 

Primer Makeup Tips

Primer should be applied on your eyes before applying eye shadow so that your eye shadows stays on for a long time. You should mix it with a quality brush so that your make up stays on a very long time and also that it appears glorious and smooth. 

  • Eye Shadow Makeup Tips: 

You should select an eye shadow color very wisely.

Eye Shadow Makeup Tips

1. If you are off to your office then you should always use something very natural. You should try and avoid radiant colors.

2. When you are off to some parties then you can use those radiant colors that are required for the night time.

3. You should know how to blend two to three colors effectively on your eyes.

4. After everything is done you should give a final touch to your lashes with the help of your eye shadow colors.

5. Different kinds of brushes are used for the application of the colors on your eyes.

  • Eye Highlighter Makeup Tips: 

Eye Highlighter Makeup Tips

After the basic eye shadow you have to highlight the place below your eye brows. After you have applied another light shaded color on the inner corners of your eyes you can also apply another vibrant color to suit your dress. This will help you to make your eyes look sharper and opened.

Highlight The Face & Eyes

  • Eyeliner Makeup Tips For Beginners: 

Eyeliner Makeup Tips

When the above mentioned steps are complete you can take an eye liner and line the upper eye lids. The eye liner should be water proof. You can chose the eye liner as per your needs. It can be liquid, pencil or even gel based. Never twist your eye lids after the application of your liner. Give it some time to dry up.

  • Eyelash Curler Makeup Tips: 

Eyelash Curler Makeup

Many woman have lashes which are very small. People with small eye lashes should go for this twister. It helps to make your lashes elongated and broad. Those broad lashes will help to make your eyes look perfect and beautiful.

Eyelash Curler Makeup Tips

  • Eyebrow Pencil Makeup Tips: 

Eyebrow Pencil Makeup Tips

Many woman hardly have eye brow. Of you are facing the same situation then you should a dark color to thicken your eye brows. Be careful to make it look very natural and not a made up one.

  • Kohl Eye Makeup Tips: 

Kohl Eye Makeup Tips

Most woman prefers kohl as a part of their eye makeup. You have to apply the kohl on your lower eye lids. This gives you the best look ever. If you do not prefer kohl then you may skip the option of using it.

  • Mascara Eye Makeup Tips: 

Mascara Eye Makeup Tips

This is the most important part of your eye makeup. After you are over with the all the above mentioned steps you shall go for this step. Mascara makes your eye lashes more gorgeous. You should always wear a water proof mascara. Apply the mascara and let it dry. After it is done you will see how you are adored by people around you.

Beginners Will Be Able To Do Their Own Makeup 

If the above mentioned steps are done then you can easily do a makeup of yours at home even if you are a beginner. A beginner needs to know about the usage of each and every products. Each and every product has a different usage. Until and unless you are aware of it you can never do your own make up. With the passage of time you will be able to do your own make up.

A beginner has to be made aware about the price of products. They may not know what kind of products to purchase for their daily use. They will become experienced as time passes by. The task is not at all difficult. Any woman can do that if she is interested in doing so. 
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