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How To Apply Eyeliner On Your Eyes? Tips For Beginners

An eyeliner makes your eye look just the way you want it to look. There are three types of liners that are available in the market. You can choose from among them. You will know which one will suit you best. Here are the top ten ways in which a beginner can apply eyeliner on their eyes.

How To Apply Eyeliner On Your Eyes


Use A Liner Close On Your Lash Line 

It is always better to line your eye lashes after you have applied your eye shadow properly.
Pull your lashes to apply your eye liner. Use a magnifying glass so that your lashes can be properly viewed. This is a tedious task. But doing this will help you a lot.

How To Apply Eyeliner

Make Your Lines Narrow 

When you are a beginner in the world of eye makeup then you should always make your lines thinner. If you want a thick line then you can also do so. But it completely depends on your way to do it. Always remember it is always easy to make thick lines but if something goes wrong and if you want to remove it then you will face a serious problem. Your whole make up might get damaged.

Make Your Lines Narrow

If the sides of your eyes are withering then make sure you apply your liner properly

If the corners of your eyes are drooping then applying the liner will make it look lifted.
When you add this to a brow bone that is highlighted with a shimmery eye shadow will make your eyes look beautiful.

Highlight with a shimmery eye shadow

Line The Exterior Of Your Eyes More Deeply 

  • Make a very narrow line on your interiors of the lash line. 
  • As you go on making lines which are thin you can step forward to make your lines thicker. This will give you a radiant look. 

How To Apply Eyeliner Step By Step

The Tear Drop Surrounding Of The Eyes Should Be Avoided

  • When your liner goes slightly beyond your water duct then it is more prone to get smeared. So to avoid that you should never go more inwards. 
  • No one wants to look dramatically. Do they? 

applying eye liners

More Tips For Applying Eyeliners On Your Lower Lash Line

  • Only the outside part of the eye should be lined 
  • Small areas of your eye towards the inner portion should be left out a bit. This makes your eyes look gorgeous

If you want to have a deep liner towards the inner portion of your eye then you cab also do so. But be careful with your liners. This may not look good on you. Kit usually looks very nice on woman with big eyes. Woman with small eyes should avoid this look.

Applying Eyeliner

The liner on the lower lash line should be attached with the eye lash on the upper lash line

If this is done then you can look very beautiful indeed without any say.

Apply Eyeliner With Ease

A narrow smooth line should be applied on your lower lashes

  • If you are giving a nice line on your lower lash line then it should be very thin.
  • Your upper lashes should have a very thick lash line. Thick lines look good on your upper lashes. 

Applying Eyeliner On Upper & Lower Lashes

Beginners make some common mistakes. That should be completely avoided in order to get a beautiful eye makeup.

Never repeat your liners on your eyes - This is a very bad habit. If you do so your eyes will be made very dark and you will look very messy. It is rather difficult to remove those extra dark lines from your eyes. Your full make up may get spoiled.

Try not to color the rim of your eyes - if you color the inner portion of your eyes then it will look extraordinarily good for around two to three hours. Then it will look very bad as it will be smeared all over.  When it gets smeared and bunches up into one place right at the side of your eyes then seriously it looks very irritating. This is very unhealthy also.

Never use a liner all around your eyes - Never make such a mistake. It will look as if you are going to perform some role on stage. It will also make you look that you are wearing specks.

Mascara should be always used after you have used your liner - mascara should always be applied after you have used your eye shadow and your liner. Mascara redefines your look. It makes your eyes lashes look bigger and complete. You can end your eye make up by using mascara.

So these are the basic steps that a beginner should keep in mind before getting dressed for any event. If they follow these few steps then it will look as if some professional has lined their eyes. A few basic steps and you are through.
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