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How To Apply Red Lipstick And Lip Gloss On Dark Lips?

Do you have a dark skin? Then you shall have to apply your lipstick very nicely. Normally woman from Asia, Africa and India has dark lips. So you may think that colors like red, purple, brown might not suit them. Well you are completely wrong. If you know the proper application then you will be able to apply these colors. But if you do not know the proper application then these colors can look very bad on dark skin. So here are some tips that woman with dark lips should follow.

How To Apply Lipstick And Lip Gloss On Dark Lips

How To Apply Lipstick And Lip Gloss On Dark Lips

Try To Choose The Best Lip Color For Your Dark Lips

  • The color red will look very good on dark complexion. You can choose the color without a second thought. 
  • If you have lips which needs to be moisturized then you can apply some Vaseline or some lip balm before the application of a lip stick. 

Choose The Best Lip Color For Your Lips

Make Your Lips Look Rejuvenated

  • Before the application of a lipstick you should make your lips look rejuvenated. The unevenness from your lips should disappear. For this you have to scrub your lips with some scrubber before you apply lipstick on your lips.
  • It is always suggested that you use some home made products rather than those costly market scrubbing products. 

1. Dampen Your Lips With Some Petroleum Jelly

  • Before applying lipstick you should always moisten your lips so that it appears to be very soft. Keep the lip balm or the petroleum jelly on your lips for around 5 minutes. 
  • In this process you are bound to get smoothed lips all day long.
Moisturizing Lips Before Applying Lipstick

2. Apply A Lip Gloss 

  • Select a lip gloss of your lipsticks shade. This helps to keep your lipstick on your lips for a longer period of time. This will even make your lips glow. 
  • If you have spread some lip gloss out of your lips then do not forget to rub it tactfully with a tissue paper. 
Apply A Lip Gloss Correctly

3. Line Your Lips Properly

  • Now you can line your beautiful lips with the help of a light colored red liner. You can line your entire lips with the liner as it helps to last the lip color on your lips for a longer period of time. 
  • After the liner the applied you can rub your two sides of your lips together so that the liner blends perfectly. 
Line Your Lips Properly

4. Now Apply The Lipstick

  • Now you can apply the lipstick on your lips evenly. Start applying the lipstick from the inner corners and then go towards the outer corners. Apply the lip stick properly and leave no ends. If it spreads outside then use a tissue paper to remove the lip color from the outer corners of your lips. 
  • To spread everything more intensely you can also use a lip brush. 
Applying Lipstick Perfectly

5. Apply Your Lip Color For The Second Time

  • If you think that you have not applied your lipstick properly over your lips then you can give a second coat. 
  • Now you can change your shade a bit. You can move towards a darker red shade if you think that the first shade is not enough for your lips.
  • See to it that your lips do not look oily. If it does then it looks very bad. 
6. Clean The Excess Swatches Of Lip Color
  • To remove the extra color from between your lips use a tissue paper. This removes the extra unwanted color. 
  • By doing this you can make your lipstick long lasting. It should look as if the lip color has been applied with precision. Even though you are dark the red color won’t affect you much if it has been applied properly in the correct way. 

Clean The Extra Lip Color

Woman should follow the above mentioned steps to look good

If you follow the above mentioned easy steps then any dark complexion woman from Asia, India or Africa can apply lipstick in a proper way. You just need to know the colors that will suit you. You may think that red might not suit you because you are dark, The actual fact is dark woman should use dark shades of lipstick because dark shades suits them best. The proper application has to be known. Then everything will fall into place.

Consult your make up stylist
If you are still confused with the brand name or how you should wear lipstick on your lips then you should ring up your makeup artist. He is the best person to guide you. You can even ask him about different kinds of brands. You can ask him about different kinds of brushes that you should use on your lips. There are different kinds of brushes that are available in the market. If you cannot decide then you can consult them.
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