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25 Simple And Easy Makeup Tips Every Women Should Know

Makeup which is used to embellish the look of the human body. We all put make up at least once in a while. We all read articles & readings about cosmetics & beauty tips. Here is my version of some of the beauty tips & makeup tips.

Simple And Easy Makeup Tips

Simple And Easy Makeup Tips

Face Makeup Tips

1. Apply Moisturizer

The first step is to apply the moisturizer with SPF content to avoid harmful effects of UV rays. It should be applied for 15 to 20 minutes. It gives moisture to our skin which is good for the look & health of our skin. Always remember to wash & dry your face before applying moisturizer.

2. Use Concealer

Then a concealer where you need it like on under eye. Concealer conceals or cover up any dark spot or pigment in our skin. The color of your concealer should match with your skin tone.

3. Use Base Foundation

To form a touch of aqua base for the makeup & perfectly even skin use foundation. It should also match with the skin tone. It can be applied by using hands as well as brush. Usage of your fingers will cause better blend & sheer coverage & usage of brush will cause polished full coverage. Foundation gives result in well moisturized skin. Foundation can be liquid, powdered or cream.

4.  Use Blush For Glowing Effect

Blush is used for the glowing effect for the skin, should choose according to the skin tone. Apply blush on cheeks by brush. First apply on cheek & then blend it towards the back of the top of the ear.

5. Apply Shimmer

 Apply shimmer & then eye shadow using palette brush.

6. Apply Eye Liner 

Apply eye liner before mascara. Eye liner is a very important cosmetic

7. Use Mascara 

Use mascara to add some definition & it makes eyelashes long. Finish off with two coats over your eye brows. Clean your mascara from bristles with the help of Vaseline. After the usage of mascara let it dry for some time.

8. Apply Lipstick

Make up is not complete without applying lipstick. Apply a piece of ice before you use your lipstick for long lasting effect. Use a primer or a lip balm before its usage. Be it lighter, Neural or brighter it is a must for every make up kit. Lipstick can be used as a blush but blush cannot be used as a lipstick

Makeup Tips For Face

Top Cosmetic Brands Available In USA, UK And India

I would like to discuss some of the top cosmetic brands available in USA, UK and India & lovingly used & admired by many women . The names are Lakme, Revlon, Amway. L’Oreal, Maybelline, Avon, Elle 18, Chambor etc. 

Cosmetic Buying Tips
  • For daily make up powdered cosmetics are preferred 
  • Removing the makeup is also very important. Appropriate make up remover should be used
  • Waterproof cosmetics should be used only occasionally
  • The cosmetics which have exceeded their expiry dates shouldn’t be used at all
  • We should clean our make up brush
  • Make up is all about blending. Make sure you blend your makeup perfectly

Some Very Easy Homemade Beauty Tips And Ideas

We all know the medicinal antiseptic qualities of turmeric powder. I am going to share some very easy homemade beauty tips using turmeric:
  • Prepare a pack of turmeric powder, water & gram flour powder. Apply it on your face & wash it until it dries. It makes the skin smooth & fair.
  • Apply a pack of turmeric powder, lemon juice & cucumber juice over your face & neck. It removes the dark spots.
  • We can make paste of turmeric powder with milk or butter or coconut oil or neem leaves to apply in our body. 

Lemon For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Now some tips using lemon. Lemon has got some natural bleaching properties.

Lemon For Beautiful Skin And Hair
  • Lemon can be used with baking powder to make a paste. The paste act as cleansing agent for our teeths.
  • Lemon juice works wonders to remove sun tan.
  • Lemon juice with cooled tea can be used over clean, wet hair.

Cucumber Beauty Tips For Your Eyes And Skin

Now cucumber which is also known as kakdi. 

Cucumber Beauty Tips For Your Eyes And Skin
  • Cucumber can be cut into pieces and can be applied over our eyes to remove dark circles.
  • We can make a face pack using cucumber, rose water & lemon juice. Vitamin C of cucumber moisturizes the skin.

Drink More Water

  • Sugar water can be used to spray dry, frizzy hair.
  • Drinking lots of water is the key foundation for beautiful skin. 
Drink More Water For Skin Glow

Trendy Hairstyles For Girls

In our busy & hectic schedule we don’t get time to style our hair. Here are some very easy & trendy hairstyles for us to try out:

Bun Crown Hairstyle:
This bun at the crown is a great way to look chic.

Bun Crown Hairstyles For Girls
Top Knot Hairstyle: A topknot is in trend 

Top Knot Hairstyles For Girls
Curl Up Headband Hairstyle:
A hairstyle which is also a way to curl up. Take a headband & roll the sections of your hair into the headband.

Bouncy Ponytail Hairstyle: A bouncy ponytail is in.

Ponytail Braid Hairstyle: Make a ponytail, then braid it, tie it around base & pin.

Ponytail Braid Hairstyle

Nail Art Designs And Ideas:

After makeup & hairstyles, nail art is gaining huge popularity nowadays. It can be done very easily at home without any professional help & tool. All you need is a base coat, top coat & 2-3 different shades of nail color, some patience & of course lot of imagination to make your nails look beautiful.

Nail Art Designs - French Manicure

I hope you have enjoyed reading these make up tips, tricks & codes. 

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