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How To Do DIY Nail Art At Home? Complete Guide For Beginners

If you have a party and you need to paint your nails. Then only painting your nails won’t do the trick. You need to make your nails look beautiful with your innovative and creative ideas. With the help of some regular in use home products you can perform some really good nail art designs. You do not need to get hold of some costly and expensive nail art tools. You just follow the steps below and you will get some awesome looking nails before any party you tend to attend. 

How To Do DIY Nail Art At Home

How To Do DIY Nail Art At Home

1. Getting your French Manicure Straight 

Sometimes it may so happen that your French manicure does not turn up to be right. So to avoid doing it all over again you need to get hold of a shimmery pen. With the help of the shimmery pen you need to make lines at the tip of your nails perfectly. 

2. Use a cello tape to make designs on your nails

It would be best if you make design on your nails on the second day of applying the nail paint. But if you cannot resist to make designs or if you do not have the time then apply the nail paint and wait for an hour to let it dry. 

It should be perfectly dried up before you use the tapes on your nails. Now cut the tape in your desired designs and paste them on your nails firmly. The tapes should be firmly pasted on your nails. 

Use a cello tape to make nail art designs
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Then paint the places where it has been diagrammed. After your nails has been painted move the tapes from your fingers. The paint should be still wet then. 

Let the colors get dried so that they do not interfere into one another. 

3. Crochet nails

Firstly use an ancient lace and cover your nails up with it. After you have covered up then keep it for some time. 

Crochet nail art designs

Then apply some nail paint on it with the help of a paint brush.
Now the thing is completely done and you can flaunt around in a party.

4. Valentine’s day special nail design

Take a paper and drop nail paint on it. Never use the faster drying up nail polishes as it becomes very gluey to remove it later on. This spot should be made with the help of a toothpick. 

Valentine’s day special nail design

With the help of the toothpick make a second dot just beside the first dot. 

Now with the help of the tooth pick tip draw a heart and help both the ends meet.

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5. Delicate striped nails 

After the application of a nail paint on your mails take a fan shaped brush and dip it into some other color. After having the color on your brush move your brush swiftly on your nails in a horizontal way. 

Striped Nail Art Designs

Then take another color on your brush and continue to do the same until and unless you get a wonderful design on your nails.
Finish the whole thing by applying a transparent color on your nails. You get a wonderful look.

6. Nail art with cotton strands 

Firstly wash your nails and on it apply the nail paint of your choice.
Then after the drying up of the nail paint cut the strings into suitable size and place it on your nails. Make some desirable designs with the cotton strings. 

Paint your nails with a transparent paint after that so that the strings stay in place for a longer period of time.

Nail art with cotton strands

When the nail paint is dried then streamline the cotton strings with the help of pointed scissors. 

Use any colors of your choice after the whole process thereby making it look colorful.
Now paint your nails with a transparent nail paint. 

7. Splashing your nails

First paint your nails with their color of your choice and wait for it to dry up. 

Delve any kind of a brush into a bright color of nail paint. Then delve it into a nail polish remover so that it becomes narrow.
Now splash the color on your nails. Do this process as you used to do it when you were in school? This is a splashy process so be careful to do it in a safe place so that after it you can easily clean the whole thing up. 

Splashing Nail Art Designs

Use some other nail paints to splatter some colors. 

Clear all the mess up with the help of some cloth. You should always clean the outer areas of your nails with the help of some remover dipped brush so that it doesn’t get spoiled.
Now apply an upper coat so that your color stays.

These are some few nail art tips for beginners. They can easily try these at home.

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