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10 Best Ways To Lose Weight Quickly - Easy Ways To Lose Weight

What’s the best way to lose weight? Simplest answer to this question would be to boost your metabolism to burn the unnecessary fat. The best way to achieve it is to build muscle mass. The amount of energy in the form of Calories that you burn during the day is exactly what we would be interested in calling as metabolism. Having said that, we burn calories when we run or walk or even when we sit at the Computer or TV and even when we sleep.

We walk and walk, but that extra walking might not let you lose those additional 5Kgs - at least that’s how it seems. If you’ve faced such a situation in your weight loss program, below are the tips that you should definitely take and start working on them.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

Build Muscle Mass:

The means that you deploy to increase your muscle mass tends to boost your resting metabolism and that in turn burns more calories. Hence the suggestion to add weight training to an individual’s exercise program or fitness routine. Using hand weights to do bicep curls, performing push-ups on elevated heights and doing abdominal crunches – you’re building strength and at the same time losing weight. Ideally, weight training is suggested to be done at least twice a week to yield better results

Some suggest to take Yoga and Pilates as these strengthen your core of the body - your back, abdomen.

Get Plenty Of Cardiovascular Exercise:

The more you get your heart rate up with your routine or exercise, the better result you can find. It’s a proven fact that the biggest burn comes from the cardiovascular exercises as like running, hiking, walking, cycling, aerobics, dancing, kick-boxing or cardio machines at the gym. 4-5 times a week for at least 30-40 minutes each time can make a lot of difference. The idea of such exercises is for you to exercise at a level where you can talk but you can’t sing.

Focus On Frequency, Duration, Intensity:

A good indication to see faster weight-loss results is that you step your exercise program a level up from what you are doing right now. If you can increase the amount of exercise, the bouts of your workouts and also the intensity of your workouts – you’ll definitely see progress.

Target Losing One Or Two Kilos A Week:

There’s a famous dialogue from the movie ‘The Patriot’ – Aim Small, Miss Small. That’s pretty much the limit that you should be considering for each week because a higher target would require to go under a very severe diet restriction and also on a strenuous routine. Practically speaking, a kilo of body weight is equivalent to 2500-3000 calories which is a lot to burn in a week.

Don't Run If You Hate Running:

It is very obvious that if you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re not going to do any good towards your goal – and you may even end up dropping out. It becomes very definite for you to choose a form of exercise that you like the most and you enjoy doing it. One thing to consider here is the fact that most of the popular sports like Tennis or Racquetball let you combine muscle conditioning and cardiovascular burn – but won’t build much muscle mass as would the other forms of strength training's.

Exercise In The Morning:

Exercise in the morning, just so that you don’t come up with excuses to run away from your fitness routine. Do not schedule or plan for your fitness routine in the second half of the day, or even at the verge of the day – this will give you enough time to come up excuses how not to exercise for the day.

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