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6 Best Yoga Poses For Lower Back Pain Relief You Should Know

Best yoga poses for back pain relief you should know. Back pain is one of the most common health problems that we get to hear a lot, this might be due to poor posture or might be working under a very stressful environment where you have to sit for maximum amount of time. If you are one of the victims of back pain and you consult your doctor very frequently about experiencing back pain then these quick tips might help you to save lot of money and also help you lead healthy life. 

Best Yoga Poses For Lower Back Pain Relief

Best Yoga Poses For Lower Back Pain Relief

Using pain killers and quick relief gels is just an option to get instantaneous relief but to be honest it is not a cure, if you are looking out to demolish the root cause of spine related problems then yoga is definitely a good option to consider.

Causes Of Back Pain:

There is no specific reason that we can define if one is experiencing back pain, it can be due to following reasons:
  • Overweight
  • Poor posture
  • Appendicitis 
  • Gall bladder diseases
  • Internal muscle tear or strain

These are just few causes that one can think of, which results in back pains. As we have alternative solutions for other problems, we do have options for treating back pain related issues. Rather than using prescribe medicines one can actually train their muscles and relieve unwanted stress that is accumulated.

Remedy For Back Pain:

Yoga is being one of the best option for treating back pain related issues and this has been wide spread and many have reaped benefits of this natural process. This is not an easy process where you get quick relief but it is definitely eradicate back pain related issues in long run.

Spine Lengthening

Yoga Postures For Back Pain Relief:

Yoga is a best suitable for all age ranges and it is quick and very easy to follow. Just 10-15 minutes of your time on daily basis will help you gain control over your back muscles. 

Spine Lengthening:

  • Using a yoga mat is a good option for performing yoga. 
  • Get yourself into a comfortable position and sit cross legged. 
  • Always you need to make sure your spine is straight and up. 
  • After attaining comfortable position, you need to raise both of your hands slowly and try to stretch as much as you can. 
  • In this posture you are stretching your spine and core back muscles. 
  • Continue the same process for about 4 to 5 times, every iteration you should be able to hold your hands straight up for about 10-20 seconds at least. 

Forward Spine Stretching:

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  • This posture can be implemented after the above posture. 
  • Interlinking your hands, stretch your hands perpendicular to your shoulder bones. This will help you stretch your upper back muscles. 
  • This process should be done slowly to avoid sudden “Muscle Pulls”.
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Backward Spine Stretching:

Backward Spine Stretching
  • Rest your back on the ground comfortably.
  • Place your hands next to your hip and slowly raise your lower body upwards. 
  • This will help you stretch your lower back muscles and help you gain flexibility
  • This process should be repeated for about 4 to 5 times, each having 10-20 seconds of hold.

Forward Bend: 

Forward Bend Pose For Back Pain

  • Stand in a comfortable position with your feet close to each other. 
  • Make sure your knees are straight and not bending. 
  • Without bending your knees, try to bend forward until you get to touch your hands to the ground. 
  • This will be little strenuous where you get to experience your nerves are stretched and your muscles are stretched at the max.
  • One has to pay extreme caution while performing this posture.

Upward Facing Dog Yoga Pose:

Upward Facing Dog Yoga Pose
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  • Take a comfortable position on the ground where you are resting on your chest. 
  • Place your hands next to your chest
  • Slowly try to raise your upper body, this will help you stretch your lower back muscles to the max. 
  • If you are a beginner you will experience slight resistance while performing this posture, but practicing regularly will help you master this technique. 

Wall Plank Pose For Lower Back Pain:

Wall Plank Pose For Lower Back Pain

  • Lie down on the ground on your back.
  • Lift your legs straight up so that they are perpendicular to your hip. 
  • If you are close by to a wall you can rest your legs against the wall. 
  • Try to stay on this posture for couple of minutes, you can come to ease if you uncomfortable. 

Try to repeat the above postures for about 4 to 5 times with a minimum of 10-20 seconds of hold. Please try to resume if you are experiencing any discomfort. 

Well, these are few of the yoga poses where one can implement with minimal monitoring and can be practiced at home while listening to a soothing music. If you are a music lover you can add music which will make your session more peaceful. Remember key is to master the posture but not working out in a hurry, take your time and practice these posture slowly and avail the benefits.

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