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30 Most Effective Home Remedies To Prevent Hair Fall Naturally

30 Home remedies to curb hair fall. The present modern generations are prone to rapid hair fall in their young age itself. This is due to modern hair care, which uses the harmful chemical and heating elements for hair styling. Hereditary is also another factor determining Alopecia in men and women. However, there are many ways to curb hair fall naturally and with assistance of medical care. The below are few simple and affordable home remedies to curb hair fall naturally.

Home Remedies To Curb Hair Fall

1. Add Green Leaf Vegetables is all of your food Recipes: 

Your hair requires much of minerals. The green leafs are excellent source of minerals and preparing food by adding few green leafs daily will compensate on your mineral deficiency.

Add Green Leaf Vegetables

2. Try to Drink more than Six litters of Water Daily: 

Water is elixir of life and your hair too. The head scalp does flesh out dead cells from scalp skin or head skin. 

3. Take Bath Daily with Herbal Shampoo to cleanse your Head Scalp: By taking bath daily, you can keep your scalp healthy by getting rid of insect and bacteria’s.

4. Consume more of Protein Rich Food: Try to avoid more carb foods and go for protein rich food recipes.

5. Consume Omega 3 fatty Acids Essential for Hair and Scalp: Sea fish like Tuna, Salmon and Sardine are rich source of Omega 3 fatty Acids to prevent hair fall.

6. Go Herbal to Stop Hair Fall: 

The daily use of herbs for hair care can prevent hair fall naturally.

7. Avoid Hair Styling with Heating Elements: Do not use the modern hair blowers and hair dryers.

8. Apply Anti Fungal Hair Oils to prevent Hair Fall: The Neem oil, Amla oil and Coconut oil are the best antifungal hair oil, which prevents dandruff.

9. Consume Food Rich in Biotin: The Biotin is an essential substance to protect hair damages. The biotin is present in seafoods, Almonds, Carrot, Walnut, Egg Albumin and Wheat.

Consume Food Rich in Biotin
10. Use Furry Towel to Dry your Hair: Use furry towel after bath by wrapping it around your head to absorb the water after a bath.

11. Use Broad Tooth Comb to Prevent Hair Fall: Use hair styling combs with broad tooth to prevent hair damages while combing.

12. Massage your Head Weekly Once: Head massage can increase the blood flow on your head scalp and strengthen your hair health.

13. Avoid Frequent Combing: The frequent combing is a major case of hair fall, which may result in partial baldness.

14. Keep Free Style Hair Cuts: The free style haircuts may prevent you from hair fall by not using hair accessories too much on your head.

15. Keep Short Hair: The short haircuts are the best option to prevent hair fall. ‘Since’ very less hair, care is required.

16. Avoid Styling of your Hair: Do not use chemical agents for hair styling. ‘Since’ frequent hair, styling is the major case of hair fall.

17. Do Yoga Related to Hair Care: 

There are many Yogasana, which improves blood circulation on head side. For better results, perform Balayam Yoga, Uttanasana, Sasangasana, Ustrasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Vajrasana, Matsyasana and Uttanpadasana daily in the morning time before food.

Yoga For Haircare

18. Do Physical Exercise Daily: Overall fitness is good for your hair care too.

19. Avoid Use of Caps and other Head Gears for Long Time: Caps and other headgears may warm up your head scalp, which is also a cause of hair fall.

20. Avoid Chemical Based Shampoo: All chemical based shampoo can damage your hair in the long use.

21. Avoid Wearing of Tight Hair Accessories: Hair grooming with tight hair accessories can damage your hair from the root and break from where it is fix.

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22. Avoid Taking Bath in Hot Water: The hot water is not good for head scalp.

23. Drink Herbal Juice Daily: 

The herbal juice made of cucumber, peppermint leaf, onion, curry leaf and lemon can prevent hair fall.

24. Apply Lemon Juice once in a Week: The lemon juice have anti fungal properties and are best for scalp.

25. Apply Fenugreek Paste in summer: The fenugreek have cooling properties and may keep your head cool in the summer. It has anti fungal properties and prevents hair breakages.

Fenugreek Paste For Hair Care

26. Take Herbal Spa Bath: You can take herbal spa bath for overall skin and hair care.

27. Use Soft Pillows while on Sleep: The use of soft pillows can prevent hair damages.

28. Apply Onion Mesh on your Hair: The onion contains necessary minerals to strengthen your hair.

29. Stand Up-side Down for Ten Minutes Daily: A good blood flow towards your head side is good for healthy hair and scalp.

30. Consume more Fresh Vegetables instead of Meat: The vegetables have all necessary nutrients that your hair needs. It is advisable to avoid consuming meat when you find hair fall frequently while taking bath and by combing.

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