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25 Simple And Easy Nail Art Designs For Cute Girls - You Should Try Now

Girls always love nail art. They like to experiment with there look and nails. Nails are the place where you can take out your creativity and love for paints and look glamorous and beautiful. So here are 24 nail arts which will help you get that wow nails. You want everyone just appreciate and compliment your nails then read these girls you going to need it.

Easy Nail Art Designs For Girls

Easy Nail Art Designs For Girls

1. The Classic Black & White Nail Art: 

You never going to skip these colors girls because if you love nail art. You definitely are going to love the black and white.

Black And White Nail Art Designs

2. The Hint Of Gold Nail Art: 

The gold color is a glamour color. You never will regret this color after applying. Gold gives you the pride and glam look.

Gold And Glitter Nail Art

3.  Polka Dot Nail Art Designs: 

Polka dot always is in. they look fabulous with any color, combinations, sizes or background. So, every nail art lover should try polka dots and experiment with them.

Polka Dot Nail Art

4. Be nude and raw: Sometime not trying something extra can be fun. You can try nude colors with some spice in it and try that elegant and high class look.

Nude And Raw Nail Art

5.  Sparkle it all: People who love sparkle and glitter they going to love this. It’s your favorite task. Glitter and sparkle all your nails with your favorite paint. And go glam… glam… 

Sparkle Nail Art

6. Single Strip: single strip with matching outfit. People will just wonder how did you get that from.

Single Strip Nail Art

7. My minions love: who don’t know minions? They are just cute and adorable. So why not to paint them on your nails. Go catch minions’ girls.

Minions Nail Art

8.  Go green: green is lovely color if you use it properly. Green looks awesome on any kind of complexion. You just need to use the right design sweetie.

 Go Green Nail Art

9. Single dot: Voovh! A Single dot can give your nails a look. How’s that possible. Have a look and try it.

Single Dot Nail Art

10. Multi-color nails: all girls tried this once in there life. Color all nails differently. Different styles, colors and creativity. So much fun.

Multi-color nails

11. My country Love: you can draw your country flag with pride and dignity. Its definitely looks adorable.

Country Love Nail Art

 12.  Matte nails: this is one of the beautiful, elegant and very trendy nail art. This will give you the awesome look and catchy nails.

Matte nail

13. Love in the air: I love those nails with cute little hearts. And its so much great that tat sweet hearts will always remind you yours sweetheart.

Love Nail Art

14. Superhero fan: If you are superhero fan then you can paint your nails with superheroes like Spiderman and superman designs.

Spiderman Nail Art

15. Gloss Gloss Nail Art: 

Glossy nails always catch heart. They are so great to see and also very sleek and glossy. And you can’t resist your eyes from them.

Glossy Nail Art

16. Peacock Colors Nail Art: 

Peacock colors are those colors who has in peacock’s feather. Which looks ultimate awesome. The combination of blue, green, purple, yellow and hint of red just make the dream come true.

Peacock Nail Art

17. Yellow & Gray: you may never try this combination but believe me girls these colors just make you more speak out. This is one o the best and sober combinations in nail art. Try it out.

Yellow And Gray Nail Art

18. Festive Nail Art: 

Some nail arts are festive nail arts. They can paint in only some festivals like New Year, Christmas etc. they look adorable and classy but they are reserved with some manner.

Festive nail art

19.  All white: white is one of the most avoided colors. But take my words this color will define you with simplicity and creativity. You can use this only one color and make many ideas. You just need to run your brains among this color.

Zip Nail Art

20. Musical Notes: All music lovers can use the musical notes as their design and write a beautiful song on the nails. This will flaunt your experimental creativity and love for music.

Musical Notes Nail Art

21. Be Wild: showing wildness through your beauty and nails is one of a signs of your talent. You just need to go bold and beautiful with it.

Wild Nail Art

22. Passionate Nail Art Designs: 

When you want to paint your nails with proper designs and passionate colors. Then you should try some Warali painting or just simple and cute designs.

Passionate Nail Art

  23. A touch of glamour: when you want to look sober and attractive and want that smoky hot thing then you should definitely gives a line of to your nails. It will add the glam part as well as the sober boldness.

Glamour Nail Art

24. Transparent look: oh! No don’t get confuse this transparent look isn’t really transparent but it does look like that and you going to love this unique and awesome nail art for sure.

Transparent Nail Art

25) Simple Multi Color Nail Art Design

Multi Color Nair Art Design

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