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Detox Water Therapy For Weight Loss - How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight?

Looking for different methods and procedures that help you reduce few extra pounds for this New Year? Interested to know how to reduce weight without disturbing your busy work schedule? Well you have come to right place. With the crazy lifestyle that our present generation is having has a very bad impact on the overall health aspects. They don’t show any immediate side effects but longer run definitely they have huge health impact.

Also living healthy is not only the overall goal of an individual, enjoying what has god has provided to us is much more important. Well it takes few minutes of your daily life schedule to healthy habits. Even the computers or laptops that you are working on might now work after they are discharges, its same way human body also works.

Water Therapy For Weight Loss

Water Therapy For Lose Weight

Water is a place a bigger role in human body and overall half of your body weight is made up with fluids. It plays a massive role in terms of functioning human body. Few key important activities that happen within your body and you might not be aware of:
  • Water acts as a carrier and transports hormones, nutrients and oxygen to your body parts.
  • Helps in regulating body temperature
  • Helps in maintaining effective muscle tone
  • Protects joints and organs from sudden shock, protects tissues
  • Maintains ph. level within the body

Water Detoxification For Weight Loss

How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight?

Water is considered to be a top detoxification agent which helps in flushing out harmful toxins that are accumulated within the human body on daily basis. Toxins can be accumulated for various reason, either it can be through dust, pollution etc.

Digestive system is improved with consuming adequate amount of water. If water is not consumed as it should be then, it results in improper digestion, bloating of stomach, formation of stones in kidneys etc. With improper digestion, you might end up not getting adequate amount of energy and finally end up sick.

Relationship Between Water And Weight Loss

In today’s modern world we have lot of options for hydrating our human body but nothing can match with glass of water.
  • Consuming glass of water is beneficial and doesn’t have any calories associated nor any added sugar. So feel free to drink as much you like to.
  • Unlike consuming soft drinks and milk to hydrate your body will end up getting extra calories and unwanted sugar into your body. Which is not ideal and to be honest they are temporary alternatives to satisfy your needs, but water completes this urge.
  • Drink glass of water 15 to 20 minutes prior to your meal will make you full and also helps you to eat legit.
  • Having a large glass of water when you feel like having a unhealthy snack will definitely suppress this hunger urge.

Best time to drink and how much to drink?

Based on your area of living and climatic conditions, it is suitable to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day. This is just a minimum amount of water that everyone has to drink, but this can be increased based on your life style. If you are working out a lot and living in hot climatic zones then we recommend it to add few extra liters of water for sure.

There is no specific time that is mentioned to have water, feel free to consume when you are willing to have. But having one full glass of warm water in the morning will aid in detoxification process.

Make Water Drinking Regime Interesting:

  • If you are bored of having plain water then we advise you to add some natural ingredients to your regime. Adding few drops of fresh lemon juice and few ice cubes make it taste different and natural.
  • Having green tea is another suitable and best option to include more water intake
  • Rest we all leave up to your imagination and skill set.
  • Make sure you don’t add any sugar items to it, if you are then you are not serving the purpose.

We’ll all this might look very small and silly to implement, but one can only attain the benefits of having ample amount of water will definitely see the difference and lead a healthy and happy life. Water is not only the key ingredient which helps in weight reduction but plays an important role and has its own importance to it.

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