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10 Makeup Tips And Ideas For Teenagers To Look Flawless

Girls in their teenage are generally short on money, and would therefore look for ideas that do not dig a hole in their purse. Also in their hectic schedules juggling between college, tutions, sports, extra curricular activities and of course the all important date with prince charming, it's hard to find the time to look flawless all the time. These basic tips would however keep you in good stead and make the application of makeup a lot easier than you ever thought.

Makeup Tips For Teenagers

Makeup Tips For Teenagers

1. Drink More Water 

NO matter what you make up you do. Its an add on to your natural look. So girls, improve your skin quality by consuming a lot of water. It is a natural cleanser and keeps the body free from toxins. The most important ingredient for a glowing skin that acts from the inside.

2. Apply Mascara Perfectly

Improper application of mascara can amount to a volte-face, literally! It may be complicated, but not so much. The most common complaint about mascara is that it does not spread evenly on the skin. Now remember, a warm and slightly molten mascara will not only spread evenly but will also be easier to apply. So before its application, just roll it in your palms a few times or else, use any any other method to warm it up a bit. This molten mascara will spread much smoothly than the normal.

3. Rogue Strands Of Hair

If you have any rogue strands of hair that refuse to fall in line, take a dime-sized amount of moisturizer, rub it in your palms, and run them over those stray hair! The moisturizer will hold them down, and whats more - it 'll render your hands a quick dose of softness and moisture! 

4. Foundation / BB Cream 

Well OK,..now who has the time to apply foundation every single morning. Pardon my candour, but I definitely don't. So many a times when i am in a hurry, or if the weather is inconsiderately warm, I just jettison the heavy foundation. An amazing alternative is a tinted moisturizer or a BB Cream. Rub it on like a regular lotion and you’re good to go. It obviously isn’t as great as a true foundation, but it’ll do the trick more often than not and even out your skin tone to a fair extent.

5. Apply Eye Liner

Most of us love to have straight eyeliner but it’s difficult to achieve. It is very common for a hand to shiver the most when applying eyeliner. You can overcome this problem by applying an eyeliner by holding your hands in the vertical direction rather than that of applying it with vertical hands. Your hand may shiver when in a vertical position, but it won't be so when it is in a horizontal position. This will also help you get a broad line and get the eyeliner in place with a single stroke.

6. Apply Lipstick Perfectly

For teenagers, I would recommend going for a lip gloss instead of a lipstick. That’s because, in this age there is a natural healthy color and ripeness in your lips. This can be further accentuated by a lip gloss. They are easier to apply, generally cheaper and you can always add a subtle pop of color and shine. However for special occasions, a little lipstick can really brighten up your entire countenance!

It doesn’t have to be a bold shade, just a little color to bring together the whole look. If you have some time, you can use a lip liner for a well defined shape. A pencil would be handy to easily draw a desired line above your lips. 3. A creamy lip liner has a tendency to spread on the lips and this can spoil your look. This can be overcome by refrigerating the lip liner for fifteen odd minutes, just before its application. 

7. Ran Out of Nail Polish Remover? Try This

I discovered this one by fluke. It may not work all the time, but when it does, it’s pretty awesome. All you need to do is apply new nail polish over the old one and wipe it all away with a cotton ball. Its worth trying, trust me. Another remedy is that of sliced lemons. Just rub them over for some time and wipe it off with a swab.

8. Good Makeup Habits

  • Taking care of your skin is of paramount importance. Cleansing twice a day, ensuring to moisturizing the skin with sunscreen lotion will all help to maintain a healthy skin. 
  • Avoid sharing products. It can cause cross contamination and will abet issues of oil and bacteria. 
  • Prefer a brush over fingers to apply your products. Make sure you wash your brushes every fortnight. It is best to rinse them in lukewarm water before drying them. 

9. Take Care of Your Health. 

You can get as many tips on make up as you want. But girls, there is no substitute for beauty that resonates from within. So remember to have lots of water on a regular basis. Eat lots of fruits, leafy veggies and try to avoid junk food, especially the fried ones. 

10. Sleep Well

The significance of eight hours of sleep cannot be overstated if you want a glowing skin. And finally, stay happy and smile a lot. That would increase your face value much more than any amount of make up possibly can.

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